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 Preserved Bonsai Tree

 By Erik A. Olsen

If you love the art of bonsai and want a way to keep this natural beauty in your home for years, then you might think about a preserved bonsai tree. Interestingly, these bonsai trees are truly amazing only no watering, fertilizer, or trimming. One of the best options is a preserved bonsai tree that is made of real juniper tree. These trees have been carefully shaped by masters of the art, then preserved using a 100% natural process. In fact, this type of bonsai actually has the feel and smell of a live plant. However, you get all the advantages of an artificial bonsai without anyone being the wiser. Family and friends will be so impressed at the hard work you put into creating such an amazing bonsai and only you will know.

When buying a preserved bonsai tree, most are mounted in foam or resin, and come set in a beautiful ceramic pot. In addition, these types of bonsai usually come with polished river rock or stone and moss to make them look completely real. These bonsai are so magnificent that you might even consider giving one as a gift. A wonderful choice would be the double trunk preserved bonsai tree that runs around $90. Again, these trees are not silk or plastic but made from actual juniper tree. Each is incredibly preserved to help protect and maintain the natural color, texture, and fragrance. This means you enjoy the tree’s timeless beauty with none of the work.

Most of the preserved bonsai trees are a one-of-a-kind. Because of their beauty, you can set them in any room of the home and just marvel at how realistic the tree is. If you appreciate the art of bonsai but find you have no time to spend on one, this is the way to go. Each is stunning and wonderfully crafted, such as the Chinese Elm, one of the favorite choices. Whether placed on the fireplace mantle, on a desk, entertainment center, or bookshelf, you will swear you are looking at the real thing. Depending on he preserved bonsai tree of choice, the height will range anywhere from 10 to 30 inches tall. You can also choose from every possible style and even different grades of trees.

Just remember that when you buy a preserved bonsai tree, you are buying an actual live plant that has been preserved for life. You will probably be amazed as family and friends touch the bonsai, simply not believing the tree is not real. However, to the human eye, you simply cannot tell the difference. The reason the preserved bonsai tree looks so real is that it is, just not alive. That means these trees are grown as live trees but then using a special process, preserved whereby they retain their original texture, color, and fragrance.

In most cases, people want to know how the preserved bonsai tree was preserved. Well, the truth is the process is rather complex. As an example, the trees are grown from seeds, being nurtured until the first trim. Once they reach maturity, they are shaped, often many times. Then, the plants are preserved. However, most artists that create preserved bonsai trees will not give their secret of preservation away but you can be sure it is lengthy. After all, the results are so incredible that you too will be amazed. The nice thing about this type of bonsai is that if you are a busy career person, raising small children, or travel often, you can still enjoy this Chinese art form without ever worrying about leaving it behind for someone else to care for.

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