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 OKINAWA HOLLY (Malphigia coccigera)



The Okinawa Holly is a wonderful, miniature version of the Holly that produces tiny pink flowers during the spring and summer months. Native to the Northern Hemisphere, the leaves on the Okinawa Holly are small and glossy with serrated edges. Because of its size, hardiness, and unique appearance, this tree is a wonderful choice for bonsai. Beginners will love the easy care and charming look. Typically, the Okinawa Holly will reach about five to six inches tall around the age of four.

Proper Care

To water your Okinawa Holly, you want to check the soil daily. The key in growing this tree is to allow the soil to dry out completely at which time you would water it thoroughly, allowing water to run out through the drain holes. Keep in mind that allowing the soil stay dry for long periods can cause stress to the bonsai, just as is over watering. We also suggest you mist the leaves daily in the spring, summer, and fall, and then in the winter, mist more often to keep the Holly moist.

Again, the Okinawa Holly is very hardy but it typically does best in temperatures ranging from 60 to 85 degrees. For food, you want to use fertilizer but cut the strength down by about one-third or one-half of what the manufacturer suggests. The best time to fertilize is from early spring to mid fall, twice monthly. Then during the winter, you would only need to fertilize about once monthly. The Okinawa Holly needs to be pruned when new shoots grow to about two or three inches. Finally, you want to repot this tree every one to two years, most commonly during the springtime.

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