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 LAVENDER STAR FLOWER (Grewia occidentalis)



The Lavender Star Flower is a compact evergreen tree, which originates in Australia and Africa. In all, you would find more than 400 different species around the world. The flowers produced on this tree are truly magnificent, lavender in color. The Lavender Star Flower is an ideal choice for bonsai, reaching about 10 inches tall by age eight.

Proper Care

The Lavender Star Flower blooms with one to three on a thin peduncle from spring to fall. The flowers are a magnificent color with great characteristics. This type of bonsai needs full sun, as well as intermediate temperatures. For soil, the Lavender Star Flower does best with a mix of two parts peat moss and one part sand.

For optimal growth, the soil should remain moist but not waterlogged. As far as fertilizer, you want to feed the Lavender Star Flower about three times a year with a product containing acid. In addition, because this type of tree tends to become chlorotic, you should provide it with an iron supplement once a year.

For pruning, the Lavender Star Flower should be cut back after each bloom season to maintain the desired bonsai shape. You can propagate this tree by cutting the new growth or using seed in the spring. Keep in mind that propagation by seed takes about 14 to 21 days to germinate but temperatures must be around 70 degrees. The Lavender Star Flower is a hardy, fast growing tree that is great for all levels of bonsai enthusiasts.

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