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 JAPANESE MAPLE (Acer palmatum)



Grown primarily in gardens, the Japanese Maple is a great species for bonsai. Because this tree is very compact, has delicate foliage, and produces magnificent color in the fall of gold and red, you cannot help but fall in love with the Japanese Maple. In all, you would find over 300 different species, all with different size, color, and leaf shape. Therefore, no matter which species of the Japanese Maple you choose, the results will be fantastic.

Proper Care

During the summer months, the Japanese Maple needs semi-shade. For the remainder of the year, full sun is fine as long as the tree has some protection from wind. During the spring, you will need to pinch back unwanted shoots and perform most of the pruning. Once new shoots reach about four to five nodes, they need to be pruned. However, be sure you leave them about one-half inch longer than wanted for die back.

The Japanese Maple also needs to be fertilized in the later winter months to early spring, using a well-balanced soil. This tree needs to be repotted during this time as well. For water, you should provide the Japanese Maple as much water as needed. The key here is to keep the soil moist but not overly wet. The reason is that should soil dry out, leaf burn could be a problem.

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