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 How to Trim Bonsai

 By Erik A. Olsen

To grow a bonsai tree, you need to start with the right type of tree. From there, you need a small pot or container, a humidity tray, training wire, bonsai soil, fertilizer, and then tips on how to trim a bonsai tree according to the style you prefer. In this article, we will provide you with some easy-to-follow tips so you can grow a magnificent bonsai tree to enhance your home or office. Remember, unlike what you might have heard, trimming and training bonsai is not difficult. With a little understanding, some practice, and patience, you will be amazed at how enjoyable it is to work with your tree.

Okay, when it comes to how to trim your bonsai, again, you need to start by selecting your tree. We recommend if this is your first bonsai that you choose a common garden plant such as a camellia, cotoneaster, hibiscus, holly, boxwood, azalea, gardenia, rhapiolepis, pyracantha, or juniper, which can be purchased at most gardening centers or nurseries. The key here is to choose a one-gallon size shrub that has branches capable of growing upward or branches that hang, facing down.

The next tip on how to trim your bonsai tree is to purchase a good pair of bypass pruners. These are inexpensive and designed to produce a clean cut, rather than tearing. With the pruners, make an initial pruning while the plant is still in the container it came in from the nursery. To do this, look for the central trunk and then start removing growth but only enough until you can see the structure of the front, which would be the side you choose to display.

Now, when it comes to how to trim your bonsai tree, you want to take the plant out of the container. Next, place the root ball into a bucket of water to make removing some of the soil around the roots easier. This way, the plant will fit nicely into its new bonsai container. Remember, bonsai containers are shallow but decorative containers so you need to be sure you remove the right amount of soil so the plant and its root ball will fit comfortably. To do this, once the soil has been removed, trim the roots to about two-thirds the original size.

Now for how to trim bonsai trees, place a piece of plastic window screen over the drain holes of the plantís container to help prevent the soil mix from washing out when you water the plant. The screen will also help any small bugs from climbing up into the holes to feed off the root system and plant. Then, you would need to add a one-inch layer of potting soil mix into the bottom of your container, placing the plant in so the roots are spread out over the layer of soil but covered as well. Just be sure a one-inch space is left below the containerís rim for watering.

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