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The Flowering Quince is a wonderful choice for bonsai. During the winter months, the Flowering Quince continues to display magnificent flowers of pine, white, and red on twisted bare branches unlike other deciduous trees. This particular tree hails from several Asian countries to include Korea, China, and Japan. Because the Flowering Quince is frost hardy and has the ability to adapt to many different environments, it remains a popular bonsai around the globe.

The branches of the Flowering Quince are spring-like with thorns on the fast growing shoots. The leaves of this tree have fine teeth and the flowers are formed in clusters that grow on the prior years’ wood. During the summer months, the Flowering Quince produces green/yellow fruit that have unique skins, which appear waxy and have a strong fragrance.

Proper Care

Remember, the Flowering Quince is highly, tolerable but it does prefer a lot of sun and well-drained soil. The key in growing this tree for bonsai is to ensure the soil is rich but in a dry atmosphere. While you want to keep this tree watered, you want to make sure it is never over watered. To encourage bushy growth, you would need to cut back some of the older branches annually. Then in the late spring, new growth must be pruned.

The great thing about the Flowering Quince is that it is the ideal tree for many different bonsai styles. For instance, you could train a single branch with the literati style, which is gorgeous when the tree is flowering. Other styles that work exceptionally well include the raft, twin trunk, cascade, and root-over-rock. To propagate the Flowering Quince, you want to use cuttings or the layering system.

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