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 DWARF POMEGRANATE (Punica Granatum var. Nana)



This subtropical deciduous tree is a wonderful choice for bonsai with its sophisticated flowering and fruiting qualities. The fascinating aspect of the Dwarf Pomegranate is that every aspect is the same as a full-grown tree. For instance, the leaves, flowers, and fruits are identical only miniaturized.

Because of this and its ability to be trained in so many styles, the Dwarf Pomegranate is a favorite for bonsai enthusiasts. Favorite styles for this tree include cascade, literati, forest, informal upright, root over rock, twin trunk, tree on rock, twisting trunk, and windswept. The flowers are a magnificent orange/yellow color in the shape of trumpets.

The trunk naturally twists, making it perfect for bonsai with the ancient and gnarled presentation. The leaves of the Dwarf Pomegranate are a deep shade of green, marbled with bronze. When the tree finishes flowering, the fruit grows, which are tiny and beautiful red balls the size of golf balls.

Proper Care

The Dwarf Pomegranate prefers hot sunny conditions. The soil for this tree needs to be kept moist at all times without being too wet. To encourage flowering shoots, you want to shade the tree and cut back on watering just slightly prior to the mid-season. However, placing the Dwarf Pomegranate in a sunny spot where it can be protected from frost is what makes it happiest.

The Dwarf Pomegranate should also be planted in a deep container where the roots will have room to grow. When wiring this particular bonsai tree, be very careful in that the branches tend to break easily. Because of the beautiful fruiting, the Dwarf Pomegranate is a wonderful choice for bonsai.


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