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 Bonsai on a Budget - Where to Find Discount Bonsai Trees

 By Erik A. Olsen
Are you interested in growing bonsai but find you are on a tight budget? The good news is that you can find numerous species of discount trees, enjoying the art without breaking the bank. Many times, people think that buying a discount bonsai tree means the tree is sickly. The truth is that today, because our hobby is getting so popular, you can find a number of discount resources, meaning you get a strong, healthy tree at a fraction of the normal cost!

One option is the internet. As you search the internet for discount bonsai trees, you will find huge savings ranging from 10% to 50% and sometimes, more! (Note - our favorite online bonsai retailer routinely offers great discounts )In addition, many online resources will offer you an additional savings if you purchase more than one tree. Just make sure you read the information carefully so you know exactly what you are getting for your discounted price. Although most in-person and online bonsai resources are honest and reputable, some are simply out to make a buck. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to find the best place to buy healthy trees, as advertised.

Another way to enjoy a discount bonsai tree is by finding a mix and match sale. This type of sale is actually common for bonsai trees, involving choosing a combination usually of five or more plants. The reason this type of discount bonsai tree is such an incredible savings is that the price of shipping one tree versus five trees is about the same. Therefore, you might as well take advantage of the shipping, thus the savings. Although the price will vary depending on where you buy, you would commonly find this type of sale for around $99!

Then, discount bonsai trees are available through wholesale growers. Many times, these growers are family businesses where the product is maintained high quality. When you buy your discount bonsai tree through wholesale growers, you will probably get the best savings while enjoying risk free buying, secure online ordering, full instructions for caring and training your bonsai, top notch customer service, great guarantees, and in many cases, same day shipping.

When looking for discount bonsai trees, you should also look for things such as a complete line of accessories, which would include bonsai containers, soil, humidity trays, river rocks and stones, training wire, pruners, and so on, and of course, a huge selection of bonsai trees. Then, some resources will also offer gift and holiday specials, enhancements for your discount bonsai tree such as waterfalls and fountains, gift certificates, gift cards, and even corporate plans.

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