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 Buying a Bonsai Tree Wholesale

 By Erik A. Olsen

Although most trees used for bonsai are not expensive, if you want to save money then you might consider buying a bonsai tree wholesale. Obviously, the key is to buy from a reputable company so the tree or trees you choose are healthy. You also want to look for variety and great customer support. Many of the top bonsai tree wholesale companies will offer great tress as well as accessories such as trays, misters, and so on however, some wholesale companies only offer a few options, which his not what you want.

Some of the many types of trees you can purchase wholesale include the Japanese Maple, Gingko, Japanese White Pine, Japanese White Cedar, Japanese Juniper, Jade Tree, and so on. As mentioned, good bonsai tree wholesalers will also offer all the accessories you need for growing and training your tree. For instance, you will get a great price on pots and trays, bonsai tree kits, miniature bonsai display stands, and plenty of goodies.

In fact, many bonsai tree wholesale companies also offer things such as fountain gardens, which can be combined with bonsai trees for a magnificent display. With this, you would use your bonsai tree of choice but design it in a fountain so you have the benefit of the beautiful tree along with the soothing sound of the water. Interestingly, these fountains create the perfect level of moisture needed by many of the trees used for growing bonsai.

Then, if you want, in addition to the bonsai tree, you can also incorporate a number of other pants to blend in beautifully. The hydroponics’ environment that you find in this type of garden is disease free and a great home for bonsai trees along with other plants. In addition, there is a higher level of oxygen present in the re-circulating water, again a huge benefit for many types of bonsai trees. In other words, when you go to buy your bonsai tree wholesale, be sure to check out the other things offered.

Sure, you could purchase your bonsai tree and accessories retail but just expect to pay a lot more money. We cannot stress enough that when buying wholesale, you have to work with a reputable company. Even then, there could be times when you end up with a weak or sickly tree. Now, many times, you can turn that tree around but it will require tremendous work. However, if you stick with the companies that back up the trees they sell, then if you do get a bad tree, they would simply replace it with one that is healthy.

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