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 Want a garden but not enough room or soil? Then Hydroponics Gardening could be for you.

 By Jan Money

Hydroponics gardening is a great idea for anyone who wants a garden but doesnít have enough land or soil. Hydroponics gardening is, essentially, a way to cultivate plants using a nutrient solution instead of soil.

With hydroponics gardening, itís easy to grow lovely flowers and succulent vegetables virtually anywhere you want! Itís true that hydroponics gardening needs much less time than an ordinary garden. In fact, you might spend only five minutes a day maintaining youíre hydroponics garden.

Once a month the nutrient solution will have to be changed but this will only take a few minutes. Big fruiting vegetables like peppers and tomatoes may not be able to thrive but most other vegetables and flowers will do great.

Tips for the newbie to hydroponics gardening.

While hydroponics gardening can be a little confusing sometimes when starting out, youíll soon get the jest of it. The same as you need gardening supplies for a ordinary garden, youíll need hydroponics supplies for your hydroponics garden.

The most popular system is the passive system. This is where the plants sit directly in the nutrient solution. All passive air systems use an aquarium air bubbler otherwise the solution can become deoxygenated and could rot the plants. If you can find the right system for you, hydroponics gardening could produce you with all the flowers and vegetables you could possibly want.

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About the Author

Jan Money is a freelance writer from Poole, Dorset, England. Jan has been writing gardening articles since 2005.

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