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 Bonsai Tree Store : Finding the Best Trees

 By Erik A. Olsen

Are you tired of shopping around your local nurseries or gardening centers, never finding the bonsai tree you want or like?  Well, you might consider the internet, which many refer to as the “bonsai tree store”.  Today, thousands of professional bonsai growers can be found online.  Because of this, you have literally thousands and thousands of choices and when working with a reliable company, can feel 100% confident that your tree will arrive healthy and strong.  As you know, bonsai trees are trees that are grown to be miniature.  This practice originated in China although it made its way to Japan, on to France, and now every country around the globe.


If you are interested in getting started with growing bonsai, then the “bonsai tree store” is definitely the place to shop.  In addition to the trees, you will find literally everything you need from fertilizer, special soil, ceramic pots, river rocks, humidity trays, and more.  However, the best part of shopping the bonsai tree store is that you get such an amazing variety.  Best of all, you do not have to be a pro to grow bonsai.  In fact, there are many beginners just like you, eager to learn this amazing art form.


The key to shopping the “bonsai tree store” is to work with a company you trust.  You can check their record with the Better Business Bureau or call their customer service line and talk to someone to find out just how much they know about bonsai and the policies they offer to customers.  Obviously, you want to work with someone that is committed to each customer, a company that will see only the highest quality bonsai trees.  After all, this inherent beauty of nature is something to honor and cherish.  With such diversity in plant type and style, the bonsai can enhance any home.


Therefore, any bonsai tree store you work with should provide you with quality trees and products.  However, even more importantly is that you want to work with a company that will provide you with all the information needed to be successful at growing bonsai.  That means sending you a complete instruction booklet along with your plant that tells you about the plant’s origin, how to water it, how to feed it, how to trim it, how to style it, and possible diseases that particular tree may be prone to developing.  This type of information is what sets one bonsai tree store apart from another.  In other words, you want someone that takes the art of growing and training bonsai serious.


Finally, regardless of the bonsai tree store you work with, they should back the tree and product sold.  In other words, if you were to buy a Chinese Elm or a Japanese Red Maple, but when your new tree arrives, you find it crushed, bent, or damaged in anyway, the company should stand behind that tree, offering you money back or a replacement tree.  Today, because the business of growing bonsai is so huge, you will even find many reputable bonsai tree stores offering instruction videos.  The bottom line is that bonsai is a timeless practice that has been passed down for thousands of years.  Therefore, when growing bonsai, you want to remember its origin and take great care in creating an amazing bonsai!

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