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 Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

 By Erik A. Olsen

In addition to buying a bonsai tree that is already started, or one where you have to go out and buy the soil, the wiring, the rock, and everything that goes along with growing a beautiful bonsai, you have another option – a bonsai tree starter kit. With a bonsai tree, starter kit, you will have every needed in one complete package. For example, the kit will include a glazed ceramic pot, copper training wire, soil, usually a conifer mix, fiberglass drainage hole covers, multi-colored rock, humidity tray, plastic plant marker, a healthy plant, commonly a three-year-old Juniper, and even a small figurine and instructions for potting, training, and maintenance.

That means a bonsai tree starter kit takes all the guesswork out of buy since everything you need is there. Today, with more and more people showing interest in the challenge and beauty of growing bonsai trees, nurseries and gardening centers have discovered that by selling bonsai tree, starter kits, people buy more. Depending on where you buy the bonsai tree, starter kit, each will vary somewhat. As an example, one nursery is run by a woman with 20 years experience. For her starter kits, a little bit of rice bran husk is included around the base of the tree to help control the bad bugs.

Buying a bonsai tree, starter kit is not only convenient it is also very economical. Typically, you will save quite a bit of money by choosing an all-inclusive kit. Additionally, if you check around with various nurseries, gardening centers, and even online resources, you will often find sales, bringing the price down even further. The key when choosing this type of starter kit is to make sure you are offered a guarantee, especially on the tree. While most places take great pride to ship you a healthy, insect and pesticide free tree, you want to make sure your money is refundable if you receive something sickly and bug infested.

Another important consideration with buying a bonsai tree starter kit is to check on the instructions. Many times, you will receive some type of bonsai owner’s guide that will walk you through the process of correct watering, sunlight exposure, soil content, fertilizer, training, pruning, repotting, and all aspects of growing a beautiful, strong bonsai. This type of guide makes a great resource to have on hand, as you begin the process of growing bonsai. Some kits even include a “101 tip” book, which is extremely beneficial.

Many times, these bonsai tree, starter kits will come with your choice of numerous species of trees. That means instead of just getting whatever they send you, the tree received is one that you actually want. Since each type of bonsai tree grows differently, requires different care, and looks completely different, this is a nice offer. Just imagine, for as little as $15, you can have your own starter kit, although the lower priced kits generally include miniature tree seeds rather than starter trees. Therefore, make sure you read the list of what you will get carefully. However, even the bonsai tree, starter kits that feature beautiful mature trees are very, affordable and the project amazingly gratifying.


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