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 Bonsai Tree Maintenance

 By Erik A. Olsen

Unfortunately, too many people choose not to try bonsai growing because they believe it is too difficult. While growing and training a bonsai tree does take some dedication and effort, the beauty it provides is well worth the time. In this article, we will talk about bonsai tree maintenance so you can see for yourself what all is involved. More than likely, you will be surprised that caring for a bonsai tree is not much more than any other houseplant or hobby.

Remember, as far as bonsai tree maintenance is concerned, once your tree has been trained into the desired style, the maintenance part is easy. All you need is specific information for the type of tree you grow, which would include information on the soil, water, food, pruning, trimming, and insect control. However, once you understand the maintenance for your type of bonsai tree, you will be amazed at just how enjoyable it is.

Although bonsai tree maintenance does vary somewhat from one species of tree to another, this article will address some of the basics. For starters, most bonsai trees prefer morning sun. While they also need some of the hotter afternoon light, this type of light would need to be filtered to avoid burning. Additionally, the bonsai should be shaded, again to avoid burning.

Now, when it comes to bonsai tree maintenance and watering, this is considered the most important thing to know. Typically, bonsai trees need more water in the summer than they do in the wintertime. Then, you need to consider the soil, which is another crucial aspect of growing bonsai. With water, you want to avoid getting the soil too wet and watering carefully so it does not wash away from the roots.

For bonsai tree maintenance and fertilizer, you want to offer a liquid form once every two weeks during the spring and early summer. Keep in mind that if you are growing deciduous trees, these should not be fertilized in the spring until two weeks after the leaves have opened up. Then, you should fertilize again in the fall twice, keeping it two weeks apart. With this particular species of tree, once you fertilize, the leaves will go through the change of color.

Finally, bonsai tree maintenance includes pruning. This will help you shape and style your tree, which involves cutting the branches back at certain times of the year. The goal is to maintain horizontal branching with pads of leaves. With regular and correct pruning, the size of the leaves is reduced. Remember that there will be times between pruning when the tree looks somewhat shaggy. However, with ongoing bonsai tree maintenance, you will have an amazing miniature tree to enjoy.

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