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 Bonsai Tree Exhibit

 By Erik A. Olsen

If you have never seen a bonsai tree exhibit, we highly recommend it. Bonsai, which is the art of taking a tree and training it to be small and impressive, dates back thousands of years where it first began in China but eventually made its way through Korea to Japan and then on to the United States. The bonsaiís beauty and mystery attract people who want to know more. From the pot to the trunk to the leaves to the overall style you cannot help but feel an almost reverence for the bonsai. In fact, many people believe these miniature trees hold some type of mystical power. We do know that the bonsai is representative of harmony, peace, and prosperity.

If you have interest in grown bonsai or are simply interested in marveling at their beauty, the best way to get started is to visit a bonsai tree exhibit. Probably the most amazing bonsai tree exhibit is in the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum located in Washington, DC. What make this particular exhibit so incredible are the two Japanese pines on display. One of the pine trees is 400 years old and the other 200 years old. Both trees came from Japan and survived atomic bombing and other devastations. However, in 1976, they were given to the United States as Bicentennial gifts.

Another fantastic bonsai tree exhibit is located in Austin, Texas. There, you will discover the Austin Bonsai Society that was originally founded in 1971. Every year, a show is put on where members of the society can show off their incredible bonsai designs at the Zilker Botanical Gardens. This particular show is so popular that every year, hundreds of visitors come from all around the country, some to stand in awe, some in amazement, and some just to enjoy the peace and harmony reflected in the bonsai.

Keep in mind that other bonsai tree exhibits are permanent exhibits, each dedicated to educating the public about this magnificent form of growing miniature trees. In addition to hobbyists, you will find many master growers eager to share their skills. In addition to the permanent, bonsai tree exhibit in Washington, DC, another is located in Seattle, Washington that is a wonderful place to visit. These exhibits are important for teaching people about the history of the bonsai as well as the skill and patience required to become a master.

Although not yet ready for enjoyment, another site has been dedicated for the future Texas State Bonsai Exhibit. This exhibit will be situated on two acres, offering hobbyists plenty of room for permanent displays. Just to give you an idea how much dedication goes into any bonsai tree exhibit, the new one coming in July of 2006 in the state of Texas still needs $300,000 for construction to be completed. However, the result will be an amazing place where people from around the world can come to enjoy the stunning and impressive beauty of the bonsai. Finally, the Bonsai Society of Miami is renowned for their botanical showplace called Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden. There, the society displays masterpiece bonsai, while sharing information about bonsai clubs. To find a bonsai tree exhibit near you, use the local phonebook or search on so you too can see all the incredible styles of the bonsai.


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