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 Bonsai Tree Drawing

 By Erik A. Olsen

Throughout the years, the Chinese and Japanese have been growing bonsai trees. With the word spreading to Europe and then the United States, we now see bonsai just about everywhere. These miniature trees are truly beautiful and a real joy to grow. In home across the world, you will often see people trying to capture the essence of bonsai in a number of ways. For example, they may actually grow a live bonsai or simply decorate the home with an Asian influence whereby a bonsai tree drawing adorns the wall. Many of these drawings are so incredibly beautiful. Whether using the bonsai tree drawing alone or hung on a wall with a live bonsai on a nearby table, you can create an environment of tranquility and peace, something bonsai stands for.

The nice thing about using a bonsai tree drawing to enhance a home is that just as you have so many choices for live bonsai, you also have a huge selection of drawing styles. For example, you might find a bonsai tree drawing that is almost childlike and whimsical to include exaggerated leaves and branches with vivid colors. Other drawings are more elegant and sophisticated, painted to where they look like an actual bonsai. You can also choose from just about any size of bonsai tree drawing. With this, you could set an 8 x 10 inch drawing on a desk in the office or end table, or if you want something large and dramatic, choose a full wall drawing.

Some bonsai tree drawings are done by famous artists, selling for literally thousands of dollars. However, with the world of computers opening all kinds of doors, we now see graphic designers coming up with unique and interesting depictions of the bonsai tree. In fact, if you had an area of your home that you wanted to focus on bonsai, you could easily locate free clipart on the internet, take a copy to your local copy center, and have the drawing blown up to a larger size. Then, you take the bonsai tree drawing and add it to a matted frame and for less than $15, you end up with a beautiful piece of which to be proud.

Now, taking the bonsai tree drawing one-step further, you might even consider trying to create your own. Today, with the popularity of bonsai on the rise, you can find a number of excellent studios where you can learn to paint bonsai and other types of Asian items. In fact, a number of people have started out in a studio as a beginner, simply interested in learning to make a bonsai tree drawing but finding themselves captivated by both painting and Asian culture, they soon step it up and become quite good. With this, these individuals begin to create their own masterpieces, selling them for a decent price. However, if you were just interested in drawing bonsai for pleasure, this would make an excellent gift option for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Finally, you can visit computer software stores and for less than $50 to $100, purchase a program that can be installed on your home computer, allowing you to create a magnificent bonsai tree drawing. The nice aspect of this is that you are not on a schedule and you do not have anyone standing over your shoulder telling you what you did right or wrong. Instead, when you want a little quiet or down time, you can work on the drawing in the privacy of your home. With this, you have the opportunity to experiment with various styles and angles, finding the type of bonsai tree drawing you find most appealing. Remember, your drawing does not have to be perfect. In fact, some of the imperfect drawings are what make the home feel so warm and cozy. Therefore, have fun in class or on the computer, coming up with your own signature designs.

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