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 Bonsai Tree Delivery

 By Erik A. Olsen

Today, you can find quality bonsai from a number of sources such as your local nursery, gardening center, and even some retail and grocery stores. However, more and more people are enjoying the benefits and convenience of the internet. Buying a bonsai tree from a reputable online source typically allows you to save money since there is usually less overhead and two, you can shop from home, or when the time is convenient for you. While most online sources are fine, you do want to consider a few things when ordering from the internet such as bonsai tree delivery.

Unfortunately, you will still find some online bonsai resources that do not ship appropriately, which means you end up with a damaged or sickly tree. Instead, bonsai tree delivery should include excellent packing in the right materials, shipping during the right seasons, providing the buyer with easy to understand instructions, and so on. You will even find some online bonsai growers that sell kits to include the tree, soil, fertilizer, pot, tray, miniature decorations, and full instructions. This type of kit is an excellent choice, providing you with everything you need in one easy package.

When talking about bonsai tree delivery, we are talking about companies understanding that many species of bonsai do not tolerate a trip from the east to west coast via ground shipping. The reason is that this will take up to five business days whereby the bonsai is not getting adequate sunlight, water, and care. For this type of bonsai tree delivery, you want a company that will use a carrier guaranteed to get the tree to you quickly and using the right type of shipping truck. While you might pay a little more for this service, it is worth it to receive a healthy plant so you can enjoy the art of bonsai from the beginning.

Another thing to consider in relation to bonsai tree delivery is that sometimes, there are agricultural restrictions whereby bonsai cannot be shipped outside the United States. When buying bonsai through mail order, you will find the plants and/or trees broken down between temperate and subtropical. For bonsai tree delivery, the subtropical species should never fall below freezing. In fact, temperatures in the 40s can often be too much. On the other hand, the temperate species of bonsai need to be cold during the winter months. While some of these species can handle 40s and 50s okay, typically they need colder temperatures.

Therefore, before you buy your bonsai from any resource, make sure you choose the right species for your geographical location. When talking to the customer service about your bonsai tree delivery, make sure you are buying the actual tree you see online and that they will ship it accordingly. Unfortunately, some companies will use a stock photo of a great, healthy plant that looks very different from what you buy. That does not mean your plant will be unhealthy but it may not be as great as the one in the photo. Remember, any company you buy from should be willing to answer questions and make suggestions. If you do not feel comfortable with the company you are talking to, then you might consider looking around for one that is better suited to you needs.

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