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 Bonsai Tree Care

 By Erik A. Olsen

When it comes to proper, bonsai tree care, three primary things stand out – water, soil, and the pot in which the bonsai is grown. If you have interest in growing and training a bonsai, then we believe you will find this article to be very helpful in the success. When bonsai are taken care of, you end up with a magnificent work of art that will live on for years. In fact, there are numerous stories of bonsai being passed down through generations, just by understanding the tree species and the right way to provide bonsai tree care.

First, the most important aspect of any bonsai tree care is the water. The majority of trees that die do so because of dehydration. Keep in mind that this form of death could come in two forms, a lack of watering the tree or too low humidity for long periods. When caring for bonsai, remember that different types of soils dry out at different rates, different species of trees have different water requirements, and even various pot styles can make a difference.

On the other end of the coin, just as a bonsai can die from lack of water or humidity, they can also die from being watered too much. Therefore, you want to learn about the proper soil balance, water, and air for the type of tree you are growing so it develops a healthy root system. By watering and giving it the proper bonsai tree care, you are accomplishing three distinct things. First, you are providing water for the roots to establish and grow so you end up with a beautiful, healthy tree. Second, the water works by flowing through the soil. With this, important nutrients are carried to your plant while excess salt is washed out. Finally, the water helps to push out old, spent gasses found in the soil while pulling in new atmosphere.

To get started with proper, bonsai tree care you want the first few inches of the soil to be perfect, which are essential to every function of your tree. In fact, if you were to look at a huge oak tree or a majestic redwood, you would discover that the feeding and drinking, along with most of the tree’s breathing is actually from the top 12 inches of soil. Interestingly, because a tree relies on the top soil so much is why bonsai can be grown in miniature containers in the first place. Therefore, you need to choose soil that is designed specifically for bonsai so you have a quicker water flow and better gas exchange.

Some tips about watering associated with proper, bonsai tree care is that you want to follow the old Japanese rule – water three times – once for the pot, once for the soil, and once for the tree. In other words, you water once lightly to allow the pot to get wet. Then you water lightly again so the soil is moistened. Finally, you water to ensure the tree and its roots get the needed water. In other words, rather than just water the soil; it is imperative that you go through the three-water rule so the root system gets the perfect amount of water without causing root rot.

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