Bonsai Gardening Secrets

Bonsai Pots

Copyright 2004
by Erik A. Olsen
Designed to be both a sturdy foundation for a maturing bonsai plant, as well as complimentary and decorative, bonsai pots can provide a secure and healthy environment in which your bonsai can flourish. Check out some simple tips for choosing your bonsai pots wisely.

Even the pot in which the Bonsai is planted needs to follow certain rules.

The pot’s depth should be the same as the trunk’s caliper, with the exception of the Cascade style

The tree should be planted in the midline section of the pot, then to the left or right of the center line

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If you are using a fruit or flowering tree, then you want to choose glazed pots that have colors to enhance the Bonsai

The pot’s width should be two-thirds that of the tree’s height. If the tree is short, then the pot should be about two-thirds of the tree’s spread

The style of the bonsai pot should always match the tree. For example, if you choose to train your Bonsai in the Upright style, then you might want to consider a rectangular pot. If the style were an Informal Upright, then the pot should be round or oval.


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