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 Bonsai Juniper Tree Care

 By Erik A. Olsen

If you were interested in trying your hand at raising a bonsai tree, you will quickly discover that you have a huge selection of choices. However, one of the most popular types of trees is the juniper. This miniature tree produces lush greenery, and is low growing. Additionally, the juniper can be grown successfully indoors or outdoors. In this article, we will discuss bonsai juniper tree care so you can grow and train a magnificently beautiful tree.

The first tip for bonsai juniper tree care is that this particular specie needs lots of bright light, which includes up to four hours of direct sunlight. When choosing a tree, your best bet is one that is three, five, or seven years of age. Chances are you will find a number of nurseries and gardening centers that sell juniper trees but if you plan to buy online or through a mail order service, make sure the company will deliver the tree overnight to ensure it arrives in a healthy condition.

When it comes to styles, you will find that the cascading style works best. In addition to looking incredible, the bonsai juniper tree care will be much easier to handle. When choosing your bonsai tree, you can go with a young tree that has not been trained at all or one that has been trained and pruned for years. If you go with the young tree, just realize you will need to be diligent and patient for years to get the tree to the desired style. Regardless, the bonsai tree will need plenty of water as well as light.

With proper bonsai juniper tree care, you will find that your tree will grow into a magnificent work of art. This type of trees remains green throughout the year and as it grows, the tree presents intrinsic beauty. You will need to place the tree in a humidity tray to ensure it always has the right level of humidity. Take the Green Mound Chinese Juniper for example. This tree grows best in zone 5 and is a type of conifer from Japan. The proper bonsai juniper tree care for this particular tree involves growing in full sun to semi-shade, using liquid fertilizer, and feeding on a monthly basis using liquid food for the best results.

You want to repot this juniper tree in early spring, usually after it has been in the same pot for two to three years. Simply remove the plant and the root ball from its container and if the tree has been wired, clip the wire. The root ball is then trimmed using sharp scissors to about one-half inch, taking the bulk off from the sides and bottom. Then, replant your juniper bonsai in a new or the same pot, using well-drained soil. After repotting, you need to place the tree in a shaded area for four weeks and then start feeding it with liquid food.

When it comes to bonsai juniper tree care and pruning, this is best done in the spring and summer. After the new growth is about one inch long, you will need to pinch back to about one-half inch using your fingers and thumb. In most cases, a slight tug will do the job. This pruning process should be repeated as necessary until around mid-September. Remember, when it comes to bonsai juniper tree care, while there are many similarities between species, you need to pay attention to each type, whether the Green Mound Chinese Juniper, Shimpaku Chinese Juniper, or some other type.

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