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 Beaded Bonsai

 By Erik A. Olsen

While many people would love to own a magnificent bonsai, not all can. For example, some people find they simply do not have a green thumb, or the patience and/or time required for the training. What happens is that these individuals give up owning a bonsai, choosing an ordinary houseplant instead. Although a beaded bonsai is not a live plant, you will find some on the market today that are so well made that no one would be the wiser. Beaded bonsai is a new art form that creates plants and trees that look incredible. The art of bead flowers actually started back in the 15th century when people would gather and save discarded beads and wires from dressmakers.

At that point, the beads and wire would be used to make incredible flower arrangements, often sold for churches to use as altar sprays, burial wreaths, and even bridal bouquets. In fact, today there are many castles where this type of bouquet can be seen, as well as homes. As you can imagine, a beaded bonsai takes time but because you are not working with a live species, you can set things aside for a while if needed, meaning while it takes time you determine the amount and the actual schedule.

To make beaded bonsai, you need to take great care in each piece. Many artists will lace the petal larger than one-inch using very, fine wire to help hold the leaf into the perfect shape. In addition, this method helps increase the strength and durability of the final piece. By using this particular technique, the wire framework is hidden so the beaded bonsai comes out looking realistic. In addition to having fun making this type of bonsai, when completed, they are easy to care for and absolutely, beautiful. Just imagine, a little dusting or an occasional spray with a mild liquid degreaser or glass cleaner, followed by a good rinse is all you need.

If you want to grow bonsai but find this is not a good choice for you, then perhaps a beaded bonsai would be. You can learn the technique of French flowers, making your own magnificent piece. For the trunk, the material used varies from one artist to another but some will use special clay that can be molded and then painted to look exactly like an actual bonsai trunk. Just as the beaded bonsai would sit in the courts of European aristocracy, there is no reason why you cannot enhance your own home with the same beautiful art. Additionally, this type of bonsai makes the ideal gift.

If you are a little skeptical or nervous about choosing the right materials, then you can purchase a beaded bonsai kit. This type of kit comes complete with all the beads needed for the project, the tree, the base, and easy to follow instructions. For example, the beaded weeping willow is a wonderful choice that is simply stunning. You can also choose from a number of sizes for your beaded bonsai and because the wire is made for this project, your tree will last for years. To complete the look of your beautiful bonsai, you can even add real sand and/or moss. When sitting by a window so the sun filters in on the beads, you will have many compliments about your gorgeous and colorful bonsai.

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