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 The Many Types of Yellow Water Lilies

 By Kathy Burns-Millyard

Choosing water lilies for your water garden can be a difficult as there are so many colors, sizes and types to pick from. Among the many types of lilies, you are faced with color choices, here we are going to tell you all about the types of yellow lilies for your water garden. Keep in mind the factors involved for deciding which lily you plant in the water garden include:
- how large your water garden is.
- if you have free flowing water in your pond.
- if your grow zone matches the temperature need of the lily.

The "Charlene Strawn" is a medium sized lily found in North America. The petals are wide at the base with points on the end. The flowers on this lily push up and seem to sit above the green lily pads. This flower does have a slight fragrance you will enjoy if you like just light scents.

"Colonel A J Welch" lilies produce a narrow and pointed looking bloom. The petals look crinkly and point out from the plant like a start. The leaves of the plant are green but flecked with purple specks while the plant is still young. As the plant matures, the purple is less noticeable and the flowers will stay open in the afternoon temperatures. This lily is a very fast growing species that will take over small water gardens quickly. It is more suited for the large pond or deep-water garden.

The "Chromatella" is one lily that is very popular in the water garden everywhere. The flower itself is very large with a lighter color of yellow on the exterior petals and the inside of the flower very bright yellow. The flower sits directly on the leaves that seem to float in the water. The leaves are a deep olive green color but often will streak with purple. The very tips of the petals are tinged with a pink color, creating a vibrant and lively display in your water garden. While this is a large flower, it is suitable for most all water gardens except those under one hundred square feet.

A medium version of the Chromatella is the "Moorei" lily flower is smaller and will use brown spots in the leaves instead of the purple in the leaves of the plant. This plant is more suited for the small water garden.

"Sulphurea" is yet another yellow lily grown in the small water garden. The flowers are taller than others, held above the leaves of the plant while at the same time the petals point upwards to reach the sun.

Changes you can make in the water garden include the use of the miniature lily, the "Helvola". This small lily is only about two inches wide and it will fit in the smallest of water gardens or creatively used in the container water garden.

The point of describing the various types of yellow lilies is to show you that you have choices. If you walk into a supply store but only see one or two types of lilies, you most likely are not going to get the full effect of what you were searching for. Be sure to read about how large the lilies will grow, and how fast the lilies will take over your water garden so you can be sure that your water garden will be your ultimate dream!

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