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 Violet Pots

 By Linda Paquette

Pot size is important for your African violets because they grow best when their roots fill the pot! Although pot-bound means disaster to many plants, to the African violet it’s synonymous with comfort! A three-inch pot is ample room for small African violets. A good rule of thumb for repotting is to change pots when the plant overflows its pots or, in other words, when the foliage rosette spills over the edges.

Although African violets are easy-growing plants and apt to “bloom where they are planted”, special violet pots come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors and sizes for the violet growing enthusiast. The most important point to consider when choosing new pots for your African violets is drainage. The African violet is a plant that needs plenty of good circulation. Like many plants, it “breaths” through its roots. While the violet grows best in a moist potting mixture, roots that stand in water will drown. Pots with good drainage help you ensure that your violet gets a satisfactory mix of both air and moisture.

One of the most attractive and fun ways to grow African violets is in specially made African violet self-watering pots. Self watering pots come in several styles. The classic two-piece ceramic pot has an outer pot of glazed ceramic and an unglazed inner pot. The Dandy pot looks like an upside down top hat with a ruffled brim. Dandy pots can sit on an ordinary plant saucer, but many include a special reservoir that is both attractive and useful in keeping your violets watered. The Oyama pot is another two-piece pot. Made of white plastic, the top half is shallow and slitted. It sits atop a reservoir of water, which is wicked into the potting mixture.

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