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 The Rare Blue Roses

 By Ken Austin

Are you a rose lover? If so, or even if your not, Blue Roses are a variety anyone can appreciate. The Blue Rose is very rare, hard to find, and difficult to cultivate. Why is this? Are they available at all? To find out more information about Blue roses, keep reading.

Blue Roses are rare because they are difficult to cultivate. What does this mean? Well, in simple terms, the rose does not have blue pigment in its DNA therefore, does not allow itself to become blue even with scientists trying to make it happen, there is no true blue rose available today. But, there are alternatives.

One such alternative is to find Blue Moon Roses. These blue roses are beautiful in their fragile state. They are delicate and, simply gorgeous. While they look blue, they are a more lavender color. They give off a lavender scent as well. It blooms all summer long in beautiful color.

Another alternative to producing blue roses is to simply use dyes to change the color of the petals from white to blue. By placing a dye in the water the rose drinks, it creates a blue color in the leaves, petals, and stem. While the rose looks blue, it is not because it grew this way, but because of the dye.

So, if you are dead set on finding blue roses you may want to consider the above options. We continue to wait for scientists to develop a true blue rose. This rare beauty will bring great job to rose lovers everywhere.

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