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Pomegranate Bonsai

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by Erik A. Olsen
Dwarf Pomegranate

The Dwarf Pomegranate is an extremely popular choice for Bonsai. In addition to fulfilling all the requirements for being a great Bonsai, this particular tree also produces wonderful flowers and fruit.

Pomegranate Bonsai is very much like your traditional Pomegranate with the exception of size. The leaves tend to be thinner and the flowers and fruits smaller. The flowers have a trumpet shape that is stunning yellow/orange. Additionally, the trunk of the Dwarf Pomegranate twists, which is what make this such a favorite choice for Bonsai.

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If you think about it, growing Pomegranate Bonsai involves significant effort in training the trunk and limbs to twist and turn. With the Dwarf Pomegranate, the gnarling comes naturally, which means training is a breeze. This ancient look is something most Bonsai growers look for and with this tree; you get it without any effort.

The leaves are dark green with subtle shades of bronze. This further enhances the rich look of the Bonsai. Once the Dwarf Pomegranate has bloomed, the fruit is produced, which looks like small red balls the size of golf balls.

If you want an informal style of Bonsai, one that would fit well into the Cascade, Root over Rock, Forest, Literati, or Informal Upright categories, then the Pomegranate Bonsai would be perfect. This particular tree handles hot very well and loves the sun.


Dwarf Pomegranate can be propagated easily. Therefore, if you want group plantings, you can get them by taking thick branches from the parent tree.
Pomegranates need to be kept damp at all times
To encourage flowering shoots, you can keep this tree in shade and a little on the dry side prior to mid-season
You do want to keep the Dwarf Pomegranate where it can receive good light
Always place the Bonsai so it has adequate shelter from warm, drying winds or frost


Do not plant the Dwarf Pomegranate in a pot that is then placed in a shallow container or dish
To encourage flowering, keep this Bonsai well watered and choose a deeper pot when developing its root system
The Dwarf Pomegranate does not handle cold weather well and will not tolerate frost
If you live in a region where extreme heat or cold are common, then you might considering growing this Bonsai in a greenhouse
The branches tend to break easily so extra care needs to be taken when wiring


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