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 Lawn Aeration — The Cure for Soggy Grass Carpets

 By Linda Paquette

Just like people do, plants need breathing room. While most plants can get the air they need from the top, having adequate circulation in the soil is critical for growing healthy turf. If you’re noticing that last year’s lawn is this year’s sponge, it’s time to rent or purchase a lawn aerator.

Aeration keeps soil clumps from becoming rock-solid bits of earth, helps water to drain through the soil, and removes excess thatch build-up. In addition to benefiting your turf, it also helps the micro-colonies of beneficial organisms that live in your soil to stay healthy.

Although aeration, especially core aeration, is best when done in the springtime, you can aerate your lawn any time after the frost is out of the ground.

Before you invest in aeration, you may want to check your lawn for thatch buildup. If you can easily push your finger through your lawn to feel the soil, then aeration isn’t a necessity. Still, it won’t hurt. Making a habit of yearly aeration keeps your lawn healthy and keeps you ahead of clumping, thatch build-up and poor drainage problems.

Small lawns with little thatch can be easily aerated by walking over them wearing a pair of spiked shoes. The least expensive type of aerator is a spiked pole, which you push into the ground. However, the most effective type of lawn aerator is a core aerator. If you have large areas of turf, this is the type of aerator that will do the best job. In addition, core aerators can be purchased to attach to most riding mowers and lawn tractors.

The disadvantage of core aeration is that it does leave plugs of earth scattered about your lawn. However, the plugs can be removed, broken up, or will quickly decompose under heavy spring rainfalls.

About the Author
Linda is a leading author of Lawnmower Guides All about Lawnmowers and Lanwcare

Linda is a leading author of
Lawnmower Guides All about Lawnmowers and Lawncare

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