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 Improving Your Health & Quality of Life with Flowers

 By Burgundy Shank

Most people can appreciate flowers for their extreme beauty and wonderful scents. We have such a strong connection with them, responding very positively to their ability to bring joy, as well as their use at gatherings such as weddings, funerals and like celebrations.

Flowers also posses an even deeper ability to help heal our bodies when we are not at our best, and prevent illnesses from returning. Many flowers posses an essence, or life’s energy, within their petals that can greatly enhance different aspects of our lives. While the list is great, I’d like to talk about some commonly available ones that are simple to introduce into daily life, returning extreme benefits with minimal effort.

Lavender flowers are recognized by many for their relaxing properties. What many people aren’t aware of is that they’re also very handy for cooking! While the essential oil is unsafe to digest, the fresh flowers can provide significant flavor to sugar by placing a spring into a jar and allowing it to sit for a couple of weeks. Those who are handy in the kitchen will enjoy lavender to make the most delicious cookies and ice cream. Even in its dried form, lavender can be steeped to produce a flowery tasting tea, or cooled for an incredibly moisturizing facial rinse.

Calendula (more commonly known as marigold) is a great flower to have around if you experience regular problems with your skin. Its petals secrete a soothing oil that helps to heal anything from acne to eczema, and can even help to smooth over blemishes over time when used regularly. The petals can be soaked in olive oil for a couple of weeks, then removed for an easy-to-use salve for problem skin, and can also be used as a hot oil treatment for hair. Dried petals work best for making calendula oil.

Chamomile is becoming more readily available at nurseries both in seed and plant form for you to add to your summer herb garden. The dainty little flowers make a cute addition to any indoor herb box, and make a relaxing evening tea. Soaking the petals in a carrier oil will provide a safe remedy for babies that are teething.

Growing a garden at home becomes even more pleasurable when you can enjoy the flowers for healing purposes in addition to their visual benefits. For those lacking a green thumb, these flowers are also readily available in their dried form in many health food stores or online.

About the Author
Burgundy Shank makes handmade personal care products using lavender and calendula petals for their healing benefits. She also shares her lavender cookie and ice cream recipes, as well as recipes for natural at home beauty care in her newsletter, “Beauty Secrets from Around the World” at

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