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 Garden Gnomes to add whimsey to your garden

 By Johann Erickson

Garden gnomes are a fun addition to your garden, patio or landscaping. Adding a perfect touch of whimsy, you can count on a garden gnome to always put a smile on your face. Besides their obvious charm, garden gnomes are also believed to bring good luck to your garden. After all, a garden gnomes is supposed to help with your gardening!

First appearing in the 1840s in England, Garden gnomes are popular figures in all types of gardens. The whimsy and merriment of garden gnomes make them ideal decorations. Put a garden gnome at the base of a flowering bush, reclining by a flower bed, or peeking around the edge of your patio, and youíll have a delightful companion for your garden.

There are hundreds of types of Garden gnomes to choose from. Practical jokers, such as garden gnomes that appear to have their head stuck in the ground add a generous helping of humor. Antique reproduction garden gnomes look like busy little workers. There are brightly colored garden gnomes, color-coordinated garden gnomes and a few sweet female garden gnomes.

Garden gnomes are a world-wide phenomenon, and many stories and legends are told about their origin and behavior. In Britain garden gnomes are called Nains, in Sweden they are known as Nissen, and in Hawaii they are called Menehuenes. According to common lore, Garden gnomes originated in Scandinavia and later migrated, preferring hilly meadows and rocky woodlands. Telling melancholy tales and growing a thriving garden are said to be the garden gnomes favorite activities. It is also said that garden gnomes have made practical jokes an art form, so watch out! You never know what your garden gnome might be planning.

These cute little garden gnomes are just the thing to add some personality and fun to your garden. Place them in clusters or scatter them throughout the yard. Itís always fun to come upon a garden gnome slightly hidden from plain view. Garden gnomes are a delightful addition to any outdoor setting.

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